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Cisco CVPN-CLIENT-K9= security management software

Cisco VPN Client Software 3DES (Price is for Media Only) € 133.44 Cisco


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Cisco - Cisco CVPN-CLIENT-K9= security management software
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Cisco CVPN-CLIENT-K9=. Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, UNIX

The Cisco® VPN Client is software that enables customers to establish secure, end-to-end encrypted tunnels to any Cisco Easy VPN server. This thin design, IP Security (IPsec) compliant implementation is available from Cisco.com for customers with SMARTnet® support, and is included free of charge with the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator. The client can be preconfigured for mass deployments and initial logins require very little user intervention. VPN access policies and configurations are downloaded from the central gateway and pushed to the client when a connection is established, allowing simple deployment and management.