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Citrix Safeword for MetaFrame 20 user Token Pack

Safeword for Citrix MetaFrame 20 user Token Pack € 8,970.60 Citrix


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Citrix - Citrix Safeword for MetaFrame 20 user Token Pack
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Citrix Safeword for Citrix MetaFrame 20 user Token Pack. Platform: PC. Minimum hard disk space: 300 MB, Minimum RAM: 256 MB, Compatible operating systems: Windows 2000, 2003 server. License quantity: 20 user(s)

Eliminate the password risk .
-Positively identify your Citrix and VPN users .
-Token-generated passcodes change every time you log in .
-Seamless integration with MetaFrame and Active Directory .
-Easy, fast installation: runs on existing servers .
-Supports Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, Secure Access Manager, and all major VPNs .
SafeWord® for Citrix® MetaFrame® provides a complete solution for strong authentication specifically designed to protect access to Citrix applications and VPNs. With tokens that generate new passcodes with every user login, tight integration with MetaFrame, and simplified management through Active Directory, SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame lets you easily and costeffectively eliminate the password risk.
Passwords are the weakest link in your security.
-Increasingly, Citrix users are accessing their MetaFrame applications from anywhere with just a Web browser, and the most common way to identify users is with only a password. But relying on passwords for security makes your network easy to break into. Passwords can be readily hacked using a wide variety of attacks, including sniffing, brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, personal information gathering, or simply tricking users into revealing their passwords. Industry experts estimate that 35 percent of corporate network passwords can be hacked within five minutes.
-Conventional wisdom says passwords should be made more complicated (one government agency has a password policy that's 30 pages long!), but even the strictest password policy can be undermined by a simple Post-it. The practical reality is that complex passwords are harder to remember and more likely to be written down, taped to monitors, or hidden under keyboards. Or your users may just forget their complex password, causing your help desk costs to soar.
The best solution for MetaFrame: strong authentication.
SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame provides strong authentication—a simple and effective way to eliminate the risks of passwords for access to your Citrix applications.
-To understand strong authentication, think of your ATM card. When you withdraw money from your bank you use a combination of two security factors—something you have (your card) and something you know (your PIN). You probably wouldn't want your bank to allow withdrawals with just one of these factors, yet many Citrix deployments that protect extremely valuable data, proprietary information, and mission-critical applications are protected by only one factor—a weak password.
-SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame delivers the extra security needed with tokens that generate new passcodes for every user login. Each user is assigned a token that can generate millions of unique codes based on an internal secret key. To log into Citrix, the user simply pushes a button on the token to generate the next one-time code, then enters this code along with a short memorized PIN.
-The robust SafeWord authentication server verifies each token-generated passcode, allowing access only to users with valid codes and PINs. After being used once, a one-time passcode is then useless, eliminating the risk of outsiders stealing, copying, or reusing passwords. The combination of dynamic codes and two-factor authentication provides unbeatable security.
Simple management without redundant user accounts.
-SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame installs rapidly and can be run on servers you already have in your network. Where other authentication systems may require extensive training, additional hardware, and complex configuration, SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame can be set up in minutes.
-SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame provides unprecedented ease of management compared to other authentication products because the product utilizes existing user records in Active Directory. There is no need to create redundant user accounts in a separate database, saving administrative time and money.
-In fact, SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame is managed entirely through a plug-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), allowing you to easily assign tokens to your Citrix and VPN users, manage user PINs, import token records, generate emergency backup passwords, and test tokens.
Dramatically reduce the time and cost of deployment.
-SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame greatly simplifies the process of deploying tokens to your end-users. The embedded User Center allows your users to self-enroll their tokens, manage and update their PINs, and test their tokens. This optional self-enrollment capability can save your organization more than 80% of the costs typically associated with assigning and distributing tokens.